Naturflocke Easily digested meal supplement

Naturflocke 1 kg (1 Piece)
Naturflocke 1 kg (1 Piece)
Naturflocke 1 kg (1 Piece)
Naturflocke 1 kg (1 Piece)
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Every pet has different needs in terms of protein and carbohydrates and these can be calculated on the basis of their size, body weight, physical activity and breed.

With Anifit Nature Flakes, you can achieve the right balance to meet the nutritional needs of your beloved pet and provide it with all the nutrients and fibre it requires.

Like with popcorn, the seeds (wheat, rice and millet) are prepared using a kind of pressure cooker process, this is used to break open their hard shells. The content of the seeds is then able to be processed by the pet’s digestive system. If not treated in this way, the wheat grains and rice would be simply excreted without being digested.

Free from preservatives, flavourings and colourings

Note: Changes to the diet

The digestive systems of animals which have been fed using dried food over a longer period of time and those fed products containing very little meat, need a little time to adjust to the normal (relatively high) proportion of meat in Anifit products.  The Anifit Nature Flakes are well-suited for reducing the high protein content of the Anifit feed during the first weeks of a change in diet.

Feeding recommendation

Serve according to the needs and the weight of the pet. As a guideline, Anifit recommends the addition of a handful of flakes to every meal.


Combine the Nature Flakes with Anifit fresh meat products. For optimal digestion pour hot water over the flakes and leave to stand for 3-5 minutes before serving.


Cereal (puffed wheat, puffed rice), peas, carrots, leek

Ingredient profile

11.0 % raw protein, 2.0 % raw oils and fats, 2.5 % raw fibre, 2.0 % crude ash, 0.4 % calcium, 0.3 % phosphorous

Product information

Nutritional supplement for dogs
1kg pouch
10kg pouch

What our clients say

Wie wir zu Anifit gekommen sind! Wir können Anifit nur jedem Hundehalter ans Herz legen Emmy blüht jetzt richtig auf Xera (Abgemagert) Nach Futterumstellung fit und aktiv! Elly